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We are in the process of planning Cotati’s 24th Annual Kids Day Parade & Festival. The event takes place on Saturday, July 9, 2016 in La Plaza Park. There are many activities for the entire family including games, family fun + entertainment plus food, jumpies, face-painting and more! Thanks to the City of Cotati, the Cotati Chamber of Commerce, plus the generosity local businesses and citizens for keeping great events like Cotati Kids Day Parade & Festival an ongoing tradition for our community.



201 W Sierra Ave., Cotati, CA 94931
T: 707-665-4222 | F: 707-795-7067

ALL SPONSORS: Please email or fax the City of Cotati with details provided in the form/link below. Paperwork will forward to Ashley Wilson for questions and follow up. Please use the link below to print and fill out this application.


HUGE thank you to our CAMP COTATI sponsors…



Oliver's Logo, Real Food Tag_REDSahouria
County of Sonoma – Board of Supervisors

LOOK FOR THE WC PHOTO BOOTH!!! A generous feature and donation to this community.

Sally Tomatoes at SOMO Logo_Color_2016

What would we do without Hay Bales and an awesome place to park our sign @ Stony Point x Gravenstein Highway)? Thanks SO MUCH to Alice Larsen and everyone who makes these things happen over the years.

LOOK for the walking Jelly Belly bean and free samples during the parade!


FREE delicious chocolate milk at the festival!

redwood_cafeWin a gift certificate for this amazing restaurant, and gathering place!
Big_5Win a gift certificate to support your love for sports and the great outdoors!

Win a gift basket from Rebounderz at the festival this year! JumpXtreme Tower Grand Opening – Newest Attraction NOW open! The tower platform is raised 14 feet above the ground and allows our guests to take a leap onto our custom designed inflated landing surface. Test your fear of heights in a safe environment! Tummy fluttering at its best.


toppings_logoFor giving away FREE coupons / prizes for games this year!







It is because of our sponsors, community support and dedicated volunteers that Kids Day is made possible each year. If you would like to get involved and help make our next event one of the best, please contact Cotati Kids Day via the City of Cotati!

If you would like to participate, sponsor, volunteer or help plan this event, our Planning Committee meets regularly throughout the year. Please contact the City of Cotati at 707-665-4222 with any questions.


 Your generosity is truly appreciated!

It is because of local businesses, an all-volunteer committee, donations, sponsors and patrons from our community that festivals and events such as this have deep roots in Cotati’s history.

Thanks for ALL of YOUR support!

Paypall Donate Button

The City of Cotati, Cotati Chamber of Commerce, a team of volunteers plus the generous donations of businesses and individuals are the reason Cotati Kids Day is made possible each year. Thanks to this community for your continued support!

to the many volunteers who will give their time, energy and support to make Cotati Kids Day! They say it takes a village to raise children, and it takes an army to coordinate a few hours of fun each year at Kids Day!

(canopies, tables, chairs, signs, balloons, decorations, trash bins)

(and help with games)



THANK YOU to the brave citizens and officers who help divert traffic during the parade:

cotati_pdThank you Chief Parish and the Cotati Police Department, plus our Street Closure sub-committee, who coordinate a significant effort to manage the flow of traffic, and create a safe and peaceful environment for all.

(canopies, tables, chairs, signs, balloons, decorations, trash bins, it’s a lot of work!)


It is because of our dedicated volunteers that Kids Day is made possible each year. If you would like to get involved and help make our next  event one of the best yet, please contact Cotati Kids Day via the City of Cotati at 707-665-4222.


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